Dragon Gala Past Chairs

CCNC wishes to thank the following people for their contributions and for making the Annual Dragon Gala a success.

2006     Alfred Lee
2007     Charles Wu/Richard Fung
2008     Alex Lau/Joan Lee
2009     Rickey Li/Henry Poon
2010     Josh Zhang/Richard Fung
2011     Alex Tang / Henry Poon (Consultant))
2012     Christine Cheung /Henry Poon (Consultant)
2013     Christine Cheung/Henry Poon (Consultant)
2014     Henry Poon/Flora Chong, Qi Hui
2015     Henry Poon/Fran Tran
2016     Fran Tran/Jeff Fung/Henry Poon (Consultant)
2017     Fran Tran/Jeff Fung/Kassie Li/Henry Poon (Chair Emeritus)/Stephen Leung
2018     Fran Tran/Jeff Fung
2019     Ian Cheng/Qi Hui/Joseph Huang
2020     Alan Chan/Vivian Iron